Formed in 1946, its objective was to promote the culture of Buckley and district and also to preserve, record and publish its history for the benefit of the public.

The President of the Society is: T.W.Pritchard

The Society is now a member of the British Association  for Local History


Please note we are not a Family History Society and cannot undertake detailed enquiries on behalf of persons compiling their family tree other than to check our Community archive and other records for specific names

The Society meets, every first Friday of the month, from October through to May, at Hawkesbury Community Centre in Buckley

(If you have SatNav, enter the postcode CH7 3HA)

Meetings start at 7pm

Individual Membership is £10 per annum

Non-Members attending lectures have to pay £2 on entry 


                                          Data Protection -  Privacy statement


The Buckley Society is committed to a policy of protecting the rights and privacy of individuals, society members and others in accordance with The Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

Legal Requirements

Data is protected by the Data Protection Act 2018. Its purpose is to protect the rights and privacy of individuals and to ensure that personal data is not processed without their knowledge, and, wherever possible, is not processed without their consent.

Members, subscribers and donors have the right to copies of their personal data held by the Buckley Society upon request.

Purpose of data held by the Buckley Society

Data may be held by us for the following purposes:

1.   Membership administration.

2.   Accounts & Records.

3.   Circulating items of information, news and events.

4.   Archive donor administration

5.   Mailing list administration (e.g. for the Buckley magazine)

Data Protection Principles

In terms of the Data Protection Act 2018, we are the ‘data controller’, and as such determine the purpose for which, and the manner in which, any personal data is, or is to be, processed. We must ensure that we have;-

1.     Fairly and lawfully processed personal data

We require members to complete and sign an application form for membership in which we state the use to which data will be put. We require donors to complete and sign a donor form in which we state the use to which personal data will be put and the use to which the material/information we receive from them is put. We require people on our mailing list to agree to their data retention.

2.     Processed for limited purpose

We will not use data for a purpose other than those agreed. If data held by us is requested by an external organisation for any reason, it will only be provided if individuals agree. External organisations must state the purpose of processing, agree not to copy the data for further use and agree to abide by The Data Protection Act 1998 and the Buckley Society Data Protection Policy.

3.     Adequate, relevant and not excessive

The Society will monitor the data held for operating purposes, ensuring we hold neither too much nor too little data in respect of the individuals about whom the data is held. If data given or obtained is considered excessive for such purpose, it will be immediately deleted or destroyed.

 4.     Accurate and up-to-date

We will take regular steps to ensure that personal information we keep about data subjects is kept accurate and up to date. All amendments will be made immediately and data no longer required will be deleted or destroyed. It is the responsibility of individuals and organisations to ensure the data provided to us is accurate and up-to-date. Completion of a membership/donor application form (provided by us) will be taken as an indication that the data contained therein is accurate. Individuals should notify the Society of any changes to enable records to be updated accordingly. It is the responsibility of the Society to act upon notification of changes to data, amending it where relevant.

5.     Not kept longer than necessary

We discourage the retention of data for longer than it is required. All personal data will be deleted or destroyed by us after one year of non-membership has elapsed. Donor/mailing list data will be retained for as long as necessary to fulfil efficient administration.

6.     Processed in accordance with the individual’s rights        

All individuals that the Society holds data on have the right to:

·       Be informed upon request of all the information held about them

·       Prevent the processing of their data for the purpose of direct marketing.

·       The removal and correction of any inaccurate data about them.

7.     Secure
Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of data.

All Society computers have a log in system and password protection, which allow only authorised users to access personal data held therein. Passwords on computers are changed frequently. All personal and financial data is kept securely. When Society Committee members are using the laptop computers, care will always be taken to ensure that personal data on screen is not visible to strangers.

8.     Not transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area, unless the country has adequate protection for the individual.

Personal data will not be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area without the explicit consent of the individual.  The Society takes particular care to be aware of this when publishing information on the Internet, which can be accessed from anywhere in the globe. This is because transfer includes placing data on a web site that can be accessed from outside the European Economic Area.