Doors open at Hawkesbury Community Centre 7pm.

Talks commence at 7.15pm

06.10.23 The Golden Wreck Graham Williams
03.11.23 Fred Birks VC - The Film Tony Griffiths
01.12.23 Memories & Songs of The Old Buckley Panto

Sue Griffith



05.01.2024 A medical mixture: Local examples from 

the history of health and medicine

Kevin Mathias
02.02.24 Taylor's Boatyard Geoff Taylor
01.03.24   Radio One - The early years 1967 - 1980   Brian Cullen

                               The Chester to Holyhead Line

Philip Lloyd
03.05.24 Annual General Meeting followed by    

Williamson Tunnels, Edge Hill      

Tony Gavin
  2024 Summer Visits are to be arranged.  

Please Note that lectures may change due to circumstances beyond the Society's control. 

 All reasonable notice will be given of any change, whereby the Society have been given sufficient notice.

Meetings to take place at:

Hawkesbury Community Centre