4.10.2019 Resurrection River -The River Alun Pete Evans
1.11.2019 The Stars that collided at Crimea  Elizabeth Allen
6.12.19 Memories of an Unemployed Oyster:The life of Squire Philip Yorke of Erddig Hall

Peter Read



The Origins of the Parish Church of St Giles, Wrexham


Alister Williams
7.2.2020 The Pioneers of Sealand Jennifer Watson
6.3.2020 Cammell Laird, 

Builders of fine ships

Derek Arnold
3.4.2020 The role of the Record Office in local history Claire Harrington

Principal Archivist

	     Old Buckley shops {part 2}

        Note the talk on the 1st of May will be preceded by our Annual General Meeting.

Committee Chairman Keith Shone

7.6.2020 Outing to be arranged Keith Shone
5.7.2020 Outing to be arranged Keith Shone

Please Note that lectures may change due to circumstances beyond the Society's control. There are no lectures during the months of June, July, August & September but short walks around places of interest in the town will take place on the evenings of the first Fridays of June and July

 All reasonable notice will be given of any change, whereby the Society have been given sufficient notice.