Barley Twist Chimney

Barley Twist Chimney

Malt Kiln Tile Duct

Selection of kitchen pots

Teena Gould's interpretive sculpture at Buckley Railway Station

Sentinel Lorry on its visit to Buckley - August 2006

  Boy Racers outside the Palace Cinema

Standard Brick and Terracotta Works


   Railway track bed passing under Drury Lane road bridge 1966

Old Railway track bed Drury 1966


    Old Railway track bed passing Drury brickyard 1966

    St. Matthews Churchyard, Buckley 1966


    Former site of Buckley 'Old' Railway Station 1966

Early photo of Red Lion Inn, Liverpool Road with Licensee Ann Price


One of two trucks found in a pool in Pentre Lane Buckley in 2004 and

renovated. With an approximate gauge of 22 inches it would suggest

they were in use between West Buckley Colliery and South Buckley 

Colliery & Brickworks

Street furniture installed in Buckley town centre in 2015, modelled to 

scale on the previous trucks pictured.

An original potters wheel from Ollive Hayes' Old Ewloe Pottery, Etna Road, Buckley on loan to Wrexham Museum as part of the North East Wales Heritage Forum History of North East Wales in 100 Objects exhibition 21st April 2018 to 30th June 2018. The wheel is thought to have been made made at Buckley Foundry in the 1890's.



Mr James Bentley (Deceased) who was a founder member of the Buckley Society and worked 

tirelessly to promote the history and industrial heritage of the town. Jim is pictured 

at the start of a Buckley Jubilee procession in Hawkesbury Road, camera in hand

 ready to record the days events. Photographs taken would be exhibited in the front

 window of his Chemist's Shop in Brunswick Road for all to enjoy.



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